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Free Network Assessment For Your Business
Is your network secure? Are the backups working? Is everything running smooth?
Our on-site network assessment provides valuable, in-depth information about your business network. The in-depth reports present the information in an easy to read and easy to understand way.

Some of the items we will provide are
  • Detect Domain Controllers: identifies domain controllers and online status
  • FSMO Role Analysis: enumerates FSMO roles at the site
  • Enumerate Organization Units and Security Groups: lists the organization units and security groups with members
  • User Analysis: list of users in AD, status, and last login/use, which helps identify potential security risks
  • Discover Network Shares: comprehensive list of Network Shares by Server
  • Detect Major Applications: major apps/versions and count of installations
  • Details Domain Controller Event Log Analysis: list of event log entries from the past 24 hours for the Directory Service, DNS Server and File Replication Service event logs
  • Web Server Discovery and Identification: list of web servers and type
  • Network Discovery for Non-A/D Devices: list of non-Active Directory devices responding to network requests
  • Internet Access and Speed Test: test of internet access and performance
  • Workstation Aging: determine how old equipment is and possible security risk, compatibility with newer devices and software
  • SQL Server Analysis: list of SQL Servers and associated database(s)
  • Internet Domain Analysis: "WHOIS" check for company domain(s)
  • Missing Security Updates: uses MBSA to identify computers missing security updates
  • External Security Vulnerabilities: list of security holes and warnings from External Vulnerability Scan
  • Endpoint Security & Backup: Detect Antivirus, anti-spyware, Firewall, and backup information
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