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    Hiland Hall Turner Architects is an architect committed to the belief that architecture is profoundly capable of enhancing the quality of our daily experiences. In 1989 NYC our offices opened working on residential projects and has grown to include barns, churches, commercial structures, equestrian facilities, and homes in varied regional locations from New England to Florida. Our work consists of identifiable architectural elements including color, texture, scale, form, proportion, light, sound, context, detail and history, which ultimately become the building blocks of beauty. We believe that homes should respond to client’s past, present and future memories and attempt to develop designs based upon cherished associations and enduring memories. No two homes are alike in style or organization, each is a response to the environment and values of their owners. Each is developed to attain intimacy between its site and occupants through the use of scale, modulation of form and materials. Each is as specific and unique as the environments and Owners, which inspired their creation. These ideas are the inspiration upon which we develop concepts, which give meaning to our clients and value to our designs. The timelessness of a building’s spirit is as important as the durability of its form. The well designed and built home from inside and out will endure for well after we are gone and why we strive to create beautiful buildings that are, practical and an inspiration to all who use and admire them. We hope to ensure that history may redeem them and recall their grace, warmth.